TEST Grapes - Red Blend

by / Mar 12, 2022

More about our ingredients + process:


We’ve partnered with a multi-generational family-owned California winery committed to sourcing grapes from sustainably farmed vineyards in our favorite growing regions throughout the state.


    Sulfites are a naturally occurring element in all wines being an agriculturally based product. We elect to use minimally effective levels on all our wines because we are so diligent throughout the winemaking process with sanitation and care.


    The wonderful world of yeast! They are a naturally occurring organism with 1000’s of species. We inoculate our grapes with specific strains for consistency and predictability to ensure quality with each fermentation.


      Bentonite is used in the winemaking process to help remove protein impurities and provide our wines with stability. It is a natural clay mineral and is filtered out prior to bottling once our wines are stable.

      Gum Arabic

      Gum Arabic is a plant-derived product, naturally occurring in Acacia trees. We use low levels of Gum Arabic for fining and stabilizing flavors and aromatics.

      Tartaric Acid

      Tartaric acid is one of many acid complexes naturally occurring in grapes. We will commonly ameliorate our grape musts prior to fermentation with additional Tartaric Acid to elevate brightness and balance the acid profiles.


        Water is used in the final formulation of our wines to bring everything into harmony. The water we use undergoes a reverse osmosis process for purification and salt removal as well as a carbon filtration. This isn’t a chemistry test you need to pass, we know ;)