Purpose & Values

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Our goal is to add some levity to the world. We create refreshingly Light + Bubbly wines with simple, honest ingredients to help make any occasion more enjoyable. Nothing pretentious. Nothing serious. Nothing complicated. We want to foster approachability, inclusivity, and spontaneity - it's all about keeping things light.


Our team is the cornerstone of our purpose. We're committed to championing diversity and inclusivity at every stage of the grape-to-glass process. Together, we'll drive progress in the wine industry by challenging the status quo, inspiring change, holding ourselves accountable, and having fun while we do it.


Our process starts with sustainable grape farming and culminates in light, lively bubbles that dance across your tongue. In between, we're continually exploring new possibilities and striving to make improvements that will lighten our environmental impact today and tomorrow.


Wine should be a means of social connection, an expression of cultural diversity, and a celebration of Mother Nature's bounty. Somewhere along the way, things got a bit heavy. Our commitment is to bring joy to every glass and to empower people from all walks of life to have fun and connect over wine.

 Group cheersing Libby